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Omix-ADA Jeep Soft Tops

Having a Jeep means you have the ability to change tops whenever and wherever you please. A soft top in the summer to get that open air vibe and a hard top for those colder months to keep you warm. Browse our wide selection of tops.


Omix-ADA Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep lift kits are your next upgrade after you get your wheels or tires bigger. A Jeep lift kit will allow the necessary ground clearance and give you a aggressive look.


Omix-ADA Wheels and Tires

Jeep wheels and tires are the next step after your purchase your Jeep. A set of wheels can turn your Jeep from plain to aggressive with the right set of Jeep Wheels. Rugged Ridge XHD Wheels gives your Jeep a tough look while being hub-centric as well. Jeep tires are a necessity for tackling any rough terrain monther nature throws at you.


Omix-ADA Fender Flares

Upgrading to larger tires and wheels means most likely you'll have to install fender flares, if you want your ride to remain street legal. Fender flares gives your Jeep a stronger appearance and more protection. Every fender flare has its own style to spruce up your Jeep like our Hurricane Fender Flares.

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