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Precision Gear

Precision Gear had its beginning over 25 years ago developing specialty application ring and pinion gear sets for race cars and off road vehicles. By continually applying the same performance criteria to each new product, Precision Gear has steadily grown and now offers the industry’s largest selection of specialty gears. We also have a full line of high performance gears sets, bearing kits and locking differentials.

Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tires are such a big part of the look of your Jeep, the eventually make it to your wish list of things you want to change on your Jeep. Whether it is just for looks or because you have lifted your Jeep and now you need bigger wheels and tires, you have found the right place. Steel wheels, aluminum wheels, black, silver, polished, the choices are endless. We also offer items such as spacers, adapters, wheel studs, and lug nuts, too.

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