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Want to cruise around with the top off, but keep your top closed in case of sudden showers or temperature drops? The Rugged Ridge Soft Top Storage Boot is the solution to protect your soft top and create a clean look when it is folded down. Designed to be used with the windows zipped out. Available in black diamond, black denim, or spice.

Standard Features
  • Keeps soft top closed in case of sudden showers

  • Protects your soft top when it's folded down

  • Gives a clean look

  • Designed to be used with the windows zipped out

WARNING: Loss of vehicle control involves risk of death or serious injury, particularly to parts of your body not restrained within vehicle. This product is intended for weather protection only and should not be relied upon to contain occupants in the event of an accident or to protect from either ground contact or falling objects. To reduce risk of accident injury:

  • Always wear seat belts

  • Read and follow all instructions and warnings accompanying this product, in vehicle owner’s manual and Off Road Driving Supplement.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

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