Our friends at Omix-ADA make a living selling Jeep parts. The Jeep aftermarket is huge and they're right in the thick of it, providing parts for classic Jeeps all the way through to 2016 models. When Dave Logan told us that we should stop by and visit them at the SEMA Show, it was a no-brainer. Omix-ADA has a cool collection of early Jeeps, many of which wear tires from our Military | Truck catalog. Dave told us they'd have a few cool old Jeeps in their display, and he wasn't kidding! From the fully-implemented CJ-2A Farm Jeep to the not-even-broken-in-yet original 2k mile 1978 J-20, they had some seriously cool old Jeeps on display. Their business is Jeeps new and old, and their passion is easy to see. The fact that some of these old Jeeps had our tires on them, makes it even better!

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/lPI-n4wVCtY