omix-ada long arm lift kits

We bought our first Jeep (a ’46 CJ-2A) from my wife’s father in 1964 and there have been many more since, so we have quite a few decades of experience with Jeeps. When it was time to get our new-to-us Jeep, we decided to go with a first-gen Wrangler because, while it has many of the creature comforts we both desired, it has few of the electronic nannies I can live without. So when I located a fairly basic used Rubicon Unlimited LJ in Manchester, New Hampshire, our youngest son and I flew out to pick it up and drive it back to Arizona. We set the cruise control, turned the radio up, and steered the Jeep between fuel and food stops. That 3,000-mile trip, at those sustained high speeds across most of the United States, proved the reliability of the 10-year-old Wrangler. 

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