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For more than 75 years, Americans have been in love with Jeeps. Even as the SUV has been developed into a fast, great-handling, and luxurious segment of the vehicle market, the basic Jeep MB/CJ/Wrangler has remained more or less unchanged. In truth, if Jeep ever did change the basic formula, they would risk destroying the cult appeal of the vehicle. So what is it about Jeeps that has captured the imagination of millions over the decades? Why do people continue to buy these Spartan four-Wheel-Drive boxes on wheels?

“I think everybody wants to own a Jeep at some point in their life,” says Pearse Umlauf, President of Jeep Jamboree. “And by Jeep I don’t mean a Cherokee or a Grand Cherokee or a Patriot or something like that. I mean one that’s descended from the original army Jeeps.”

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