jeep interior makeover

Buying a used vehicle always has its pros and cons. For many, the allure of the perceived good deal is often too tempting to pass up. When it comes to the ’97-’06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, you can now pick them up for a fraction of what they were going for just a few years ago. This is partly due to JK prices finally starting to settle.

We picked up this ’97 Wrangler a few months back for a deal, with the understanding that it was in need of some TLC. One of the most obvious areas of age was the interior. Spending most of its life in Southern California, the Wrangler was a pretty exciting East Coast find considering the lack of rust that’s more common for Jeeps in North Carolina. While we were thrilled about a frame and body with a clean bill of health, the inside of the 20-year-old Wrangler was in rough shape.

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