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With a legacy dating back three quarters of a century, the Jeep is surely one of the world’s most iconic vehicle platforms. From the U.S. Government’s initial call for a four-wheel drive light personnel carrier in 1940, to pioneering the Rubicon Trail in the 1950s and setting the standard of 21st-century capability, the seven-slot grill has a place, not only in the hearts of Americans, but with backcountry enthusiasts the world over. During the recent recession when the brand was struggling financially, they closed their museum and unfortunately, liquidated its inventory. Although it was an economic necessity at the time, gone was one of the most comprehensive Jeep collections on the planet. All is not lost, however, as a few years ago the guys at Omix-ADA (Rugged Ridge/Alloy USA) began acquiring rare models with a plan to create a museum of their own.

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