fourwheeler answers your jeep questions omix-ada

I've been getting Jp since I bought my first Wrangler in July 2016. I have a ’16 Rubicon Unlimited that I purchased new. I had a Rubicon Express 2.5-inch lift professionally installed right after buying the Jeep. I recently added 285/75R17 tires, Mickey Thompson Classic rims, and Rough Country front geometry correction brackets. I asked the shop to do a front alignment while there, and that's when the drama started. The shop informed me the camber specs were the worst they had ever seen. One side measured negative 1 degree and the other side negative 0.6 degrees. The tech said they normally only see something like this on Jeeps with lots of miles and wear. My Jeep only has 4,700 miles with no real off-roading at this point! You can see the slant of the tire on the passenger side with the naked eye. The shop is suggesting that I may have a factory defect in the front axle.

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