fourwheeler omix-ada willys

Sometimes a project requires hitting the restart button. I found this Red 1961 Willys Wagon in a garage where it had sat since 1978 with a blown Ford Y-block V-8 engine (by “blown” I mean blown apart, not supercharged—it literally had a hole in the side). I drug it home and did a new V-8 swap in record time for a video, but in doing so the Jeep could go but not really stop, as we had adapted a new V-8 to the tired old drivetrain. The steering wasn’t great, the gearbox was leaking, and both old axles were due for a rebuild. Plus there was a giant hole where the firewall had been because I didn’t have time to finish it. One night I was trying to move it around the workshop and it ran into another vehicle because of the lack of brakes. It wasn’t bad, but I was annoyed with this cool-looking Jeep with a nice new engine that was still undrivable. I parked it and stewed on it for almost a year.

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