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Overlanding is a pastime of relative excess. Compared to the regular rigors of everyday motoring, an overlander’s bigger tires, lifted suspension, snorkel system, high-lift jack, exterior roll cage and flood lights are all overkill. But, as stated, that’s all relative. Compared to the average overlander, all those optional extras are par for course — and for some, it’s the bare minimum.

Omix-ADA, the owner of Rugged Ridge and organizer of the Jeep Heritage Expo invited me down to Georgia a few days before the Expo in order to get an idea of what it is they actually do and to test its aftermarket Jeep accessories first-hand in the field. And, as the single largest independent supplier of Jeep accessories and parts, Rugged Ridge specializes in all things Jeep. Which means, when they go to deck out a Wrangler, they don’t hold back.

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