hooniverse a week with rugged ridge

Back in June, I took a trip down to the Atlanta area to visit Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge. While down there with a number of other journalists we toured their warehouse and museum and got to take several of their historic Jeeps for a drive around the industrial park in which the offices resides. We also took several modified JK Jeeps out to drive offroad through some North Georgia trails and through a few water crossings.

One of the Jeeps that we drove on the trail, the one they called Mango, was shipped up to Detroit and put in the local press fleet. For whatever reason, most pubs didn’t so much as get the rig dirty. When I was contacted to see if I’d like to review the Mango Jeep, I said SURE and in doing so was determined to drive it in the environment it was designed for, as well as see how it did the daily grind.

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