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Contrary to what so many people seem to think, the number one reason why factory Rubicon Dana 44 front axle shafts break is not because they're weak but rather, because they come with c-clips. Over time, movement in the bearing caps can cause the c-clips to work themselves free and once they're gone, there's nothing to keep the caps in place. Once one or more bearing cap is gone, it's just a matter of time before the trunnions tear through the ears of axle shaft yokes. While buying a set of overpriced RCV axle shafts is one solution to this problem, a more affordable and just as effective solution is to pick up a set of chromoly axle shafts with u-joints that have full circle clips much like the kind that AlloyUSA makes. Unlike c-clips, full circle clips will completely surround the u-joint bearing caps and that that will prevent them from working themselves free.

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