off-road omixada sema show

This is not fake news … but it is news about fakes: A US District Court has made a decision in favor of Omix-ADA, a company who complained of a Chinese company selling copies of their Jeep accessories.

You may recall the story of well-known U.S.-based Jeep accessory manufacturer Omix-ADA filing a complaint with the U.S District Court against Unity 4WD Accessories Co., a Chinese company hawking Jeep accessories which were suspiciously similar to products trademarked by other companies, proving once again that the term copyright infringement doesn’t seem to translate terribly well into Mandarin.

At the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Guangzhou company was served with legal papers, quickly followed by a search and seizure operation which placed a temporary halt to the alleged illegal activity.

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