rugged ridge suspension install complete

While waiting for our lost crush sleeve to show up, we drove around town for two weeks (including a week at Rehoboth Beach) with the rear of the Black Bear 6.5 inches higher then the front. The crush sleeve arrived the day I got back from the beach, so with sleeve in hand, we finally got down to installing the front portion of the Rugged Ridge 4”-5” Coil Spring Lift Kit with Shocks (part#18401.60).

While we thought the Black Bear looked pretty cool with its new aggressive stance, we needed to get her leveled out. So we set out on a Saturday morning to complete the job we started two weeks prior. This kit requires the use of the Rugged Ridge drop pitman arm (part#18006.55) separate from the kit, so if you are ordering the kit make sure you add this part to your order.

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