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Omix-ADA® is one of the world's largest independent manufacturer and wholesale-only companies offering a full line Jeep parts, accessories and floor liners, For over two decades, Omix has designed, tested, manufactured, stocked and distributed more than 20,000 different high-quality restoration and replacement parts and accessories for Jeeps and off-road vehicles.

We are more than just a company who sells parts for Jeeps. Our passion for Jeeps is the foundation for everything we do. We believe that Jeeps are so much more than a way to get around. They are a way of life, an American icon...instilling a sense of freedom and adventure to anyone who drives one. It's a feeling that they can go anywhere, do anything and experience real enjoyment getting there. Anyone who shares in this Jeep passion understands - It's a Jeep® thing.

We've got everything for Jeeps, both old and new. From OE quality replacement parts to custom accessories and everything in between, Jeeps are what we do. We pride ourselves in supplying the parts that keep the Jeep passion alive and thriving by offering a comprehensive lineup of parts, affordable and accessible to anyone around the globe. Come by our booth at SEMA 2016 and check out all the ways that Omix-ADA is keeping the Jeep passion alive.

Our products are available direct from Omix-ADA or through wholesale distributors listed below. For more information click here.

Transamerican Wholesale LLC Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc Meyer Distributing
Atech Motorsports Competition Specialties Inc Premier Performance Products
Earl Owen Company Toys For Trucks

the gunny at sema show 2016

Omix-ADA is proud to once again participate in the Off-Road Success Center at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, November 1-4. This year we will feature several Jeeps from The Collection that portray the Jeep brand and the prominent part they have played in the lifestyle of families over the past 60 years. The vehicles available for your enjoyment include a 1947 Willys Station Wagon that signifies what American life was like in late-40's post-war America, with its spacious interior and faux wood side panels. Also a '66 Wagoneer, '90 Grand Wagoneer and a pristine 2001 Cherokee will be available for your admiration at the Off-Road Success Center booth.

omix-ada jeep collection

Also featured at the Off-Road Success Center is another American legend, "The Gunny", R. Lee Ermey, will make an appearance to greet fans and sign autographs. "The Gunny" is best known for his role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 movie 'Full Metal Jacket', for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The Off-Road Success Center primarily provides a forum for business owners and decision makers from the Jeep and off-road market to have conversation, exchange ideas and network with fellow industry professionals in an environment that embodies what our industry is all about. We hope to see you there!

rugged ridge trail access program

The Trail Access Program was first introduced at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. This new program enables Omix-ADA, through its brand Rugged Ridge, to provide grants to non-profit organizations as a way of keeping recreational trails open on public land and advancing and protecting the off-road hobby. Non-profit organizations can apply online for grants of up to $5,000 that can be designated for use toward education, stewardship, litigation, or any other activity advocating the conservation of public land and access to recreational trails.

omix-ada charity work

Over the past two decades, Omix-ADA has become a major benefactor in its commitment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to various organizations in support of health care, public land use and automotive aftermarket advocacy. These donations have proven to not only be beneficial to health awareness, but address issues that are important to Jeep owners and the off-road industry.

sema show 2016 rugged ridge omix-ada
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