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At Omix-ADA, our passion for Jeeps®, and the sense of adventure that they inspire, is much more than just a hobby to us; it's a way of life. As a company, we hold a strong commitment to help insure that future generations enjoy a brighter tomorrow. By assuming a personal responsibility in several key areas, we strive to influence a positive change that promotes a healthier way of life, assists in the preserving of public land and recreational trails, educates on the ethics of responsible stewardship of the outdoors, and supports the off-road community and their interests.

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Charitable Donations

As a part of our commitment to a healthier tomorrow, Omix-ADA has organized, sponsored and participated in numerous fundraising events and projects over the past two decades, donating the proceeds to various charitable organizations like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, American Diabetes Association, SEMA Cares, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and The Boy Scouts of America.

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Omix, Richard petty & Sema Cares

In 2016, Omix-ADA partnered with legendary NASCAR driver and car owner Richard Petty to build a one-of-a-kind Jeep® Wrangler JK to be unveiled at the SEMA 2016 Show in Las Vegas. The build was performed in cooperation with SEMA Cares, an organization comprised of members of the SEMA community and whose focus is on making a difference in the lives of others. With the finished product slated to be auctioned off in early 2017, all the proceeds from the auction tapped to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Randleman, NC, a camp whose primary purpose is to serve the needs of terminally ill children and inspired by Petty’s grandson, Adam, who was tragically lost in a racing accident in 2000.

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Each year we lend support to hundreds of Jeep® shows and club events across the country, varying in size from 50 Jeeps® to over 2,000; providing show materials, products and necessities for organizing a successful event. It's our way of taking part in events that further advance the Jeep® hobby that we love and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

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jeep heritage

On July 16, 2016, Omix-ADA® observed the 75th Anniversary of the legendary Jeep® in the best way we know how. We gathered hundreds of Jeep® enthusiasts at our Suwanee, Ga. Headquarters for a day long celebration of everything Jeep®. For the first time ever, the corporate Jeep® Collection was made available to the public, allowing an up-close look into the history of this iconic American hero; with many models of Jeeps® you won’t see anywhere else, all gathered in one place. The event featured a fun zone for kids, a gathering of the regions top food trucks and a giant show & shine area for Jeeps® from 1941 to present. All of the events entry fees totaling $3,500 were donated, in their entirety, to the American Diabetes Association, a charity that is near and dear to heart of company president Al Azadi, as well as many of the company's employees.

Based on the success of the inaugural event, Omix-ADA® is anxious in their planning to host the upcoming 2nd Annual Omix-ADA Jeep® Heritage Expo on Saturday, June 3, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Once again, all proceeds from this year's event will be donated to a yet-to-be-named charity. Event coordinators are hopeful that the event will continue to grow in popularity and eventually outgrow the companies Suwanee headquarters, requiring the event to relocate to a larger venue in order to accommodate Expo goers.

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The Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program, first announced in 2013, was created to support the 4WD community by providing direct support to the people and organizations working hard to protect access to public land and recreational trails across the country; improving education about the off-road hobby and matters of conservation, so our open spaces remain open for generations of off-roaders to enjoy for years to come. Since its inception, the Trail Access Program has awarded grants equaling over $100,000 to date and have gone far in helping numerous organizations such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Friends of Uwharrie and the Colorado OHV Coalition- just to name a few. Best of all, our efforts are ongoing. Non-profit organizations can apply for online grants of up to $5,000 that can be designated for use toward education, stewardship, litigation, or any other activity advocating the conservation of public land or access to recreation trails.

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After years of productively selling parts and accessories to the Jeep® hobby through a dedicated network of distributors, Azadi realized that there was a need to preserve the Jeep® legend. "There were many reasons to start the Jeep® collection", said Azadi. "Two were very important to me personally, one preserving the Jeep® heritage, and second to have access to vehicles for continued product development."

While preserving the Jeep® heritage seems reasonable, many times trying to find original or near original vehicles is a time consuming task. Luckily, a breakthrough came when Azadi found a unique selection of historical vehicles available from Mark Smith, the founder of Jeep® Jamboree USA. It was there that Azadi found the three early prototypes all in one location—a rare occurrence.

After purchasing the initial vehicles it was only a matter of time before the collection grew. From the beginning, a great deal of importance was placed on obtaining a number of Jeeps® that were significant for either the Jeep® brand or the off-road hobby.

Having access to vehicles for continued product development was the second driving force to bring the collection together.

Since Omix-ADA, the Jeep® parts and accessories manufacturing company that Azadi founded and currently owns, develops products for Jeeps® from 1941 through current model years, having these models onsite inspires the Omix-team to develop more and more products.

For the newer models this was always easier as those were easily accessible from the dealers, but developing a replacement part for a 1956 CJ5 was a different challenge. As the collection continues to grow, the engineering team at Omix-ADA will have plenty of opportunities to continuously develop more products for both classic and new Jeep® vehicles.

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