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Bring the look of your JK to a whole new level with our Drakon Alloy Wheels from Rugged Ridge! These wheels offer a new, sleek patent pending design created to appeal to 07-14 Jeep Wrangler (JK) owners. Rugged Ridge designed and built its new wheel from cast aluminum alloy and made it available in multiple stunning finishes to create a unique appearance; satin black, satin black with a gold lip, satin black with a gunmetal lip and gunmetal. Designed to appeal to even the most hardcore Jeep® enthusiasts, the DOT-approved Drakon wheels offer the best fit and style possible, featuring 4.53-inch backspacing and a 2200-pound load rating on the JK’s 5-on-5 inch bolt pattern as well as a center cap for a complete look. These wheels feature a hub-centric design, meaning this wheel will center perfectly every time.

What is Hub-Centric and why is it important?

Nearly all OEM wheels are designed to be hub-centric. The automaker designs an OEM wheel to fit on a certain car or range of cars. The center bore of the wheel is sized to fit perfectly onto the axle of that car. This is a hub-centric connection, as the wheel is centered by its connection to the axle hub. The lugnuts hold the wheel firmly to the mounting plate, but it is the wheel-to-axle connection that actually holds the weight of the car. This is quite an important distinction, as the lugnuts are designed to handle lateral forces that push the wheel away from the mounting plate. The forces that the hub and center bore connection are designed to withstand – the weight of the car forcing downward and impacts forcing upward – are at right angles to the forces that the lugnuts are designed for.

When you choose a non-hub-centric wheel, the forces will need to be handled by the lugnuts and studs, which can lead to premature wear and unwanted vibrations.

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7 Item(s)

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